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Summary of Qualifications:

-Montessori child from birth through high school

-AMS Infant and Toddler Credential

-Level 1 Infant Mental Health Endorsement from First3Years

-Zero to Three Critical Competencies Coach

-Working on a degree in Child Learning and Development; active in research on language development in the first 5 years, specifically in autistic toddlers

-Comprehensive training on trauma, perinatal/maternal and infant mental health, relationship-based interventions, early childhood education, attachment, child development, and the brain.


Gabrielle Holt- The Young Montessorian

Hey Y'all!

My name is Gabrielle Holt and I am the person behind The Young Montessorian. I designed this platform to have a place to share my passion for Montessori, Infant Mental Health, and working with young children and family systems. When I was thinking of a 'brand' I chose the name The Young Montessorian for 2 reasons:

1) Because my work serves young children and

2) Because I am a young adult.


I have been privileged to discover work that brings me joy and nurture my spirit at a young age, so even when I am no longer a young adult, I imagine I will still be working with young children and the 'brand' will still hold! I believe I offer a unique perspective to Montessori education and work with young children. I am excited to continue to learn, grow, and share in this community with all of you!

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