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*See this Blog Post on Newborns*

Classic Montessori Mobiles- Etsy Store- WillowPineTN (Use my code GABBY for 10% off your order)

Etsy Store- Bella's Casa

Black and White Picture Cards- Wee Cards Baby Animals

Topponcinos and Covers- Etsy Store- Topponcino n More

Topponcino Company

Grey and White Topponcino

I love this play gym from Lovevery!

It comes with grasping materials you can hang, cards to look at, a mat, and can become a tent for older children!

At first, I was skeptical because of the busyness of the mat. I found if you add velcro to the panels, you can actually cover those panels and keep it neutral or uncover one at a time!

The shape on the gym is also great for promoting freedom of movement.

Lovevery also offers a subscription box with Montessori-inspired materials appropriate for different stages of development.

Materials for Grasping

Materials for Movement

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